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Metal Stud Framing for Commercial Units

Even thou this is a wood structured building the occupants could not use any more wood in their unit. Almost always now for commercial framing everything has to be done in steel studs and drywall. We feel we are the commercial renovation experts as we can take on almost any sized projects.
We specialize in steel stud layout and design. We can follow engineered blue prints to ensure the specs and gages of steel match the requirements and to help keep costs down for the steel framing .

Here we did several portions of wall separations and bulk head framing for design purposes. This contractor that hired us to come in tried to start the framing with his crews but did not know the basics of steel stud framing. When you hire us you will get framing crews, boarding crews, then taping crews. This will ensure the most efficient and best out come in your project from start to finish.

Framing bulk heads in steel

Steel Stud Bulk heads

Steel Stud Wall Partitions

We then continued into building portion walls to make room for a separate company to occupy the space not being utilized in the unit. This can be done rather quickly and with minimal noise and distraction during work hours, or if necessary we can come in after hours to your business to conduct any construction work.

Partition wall framing

Finished Showroom Walls & Framing

We take care of your commercial renovations and drywall from start to finish. Or just need us to come in and from in steel and do your boarding and taping, no problem we have that covered for you.